What Can Affect Your Personal Injury Claim Settlement Timeline in Stockton?

If you sustained injuries because of the wrongdoing of another person, you may have several questions in mind. If you bring a claim and bill collectors begin to seek payments for the medical expenses you incurred, you may have to know when a personal injury claim can be settled. 

Naturally, you wish to seek clarity and resolution during these difficult times, particularly as you deal with a stressful physical recovery and financial strain. Thankfully, an experienced Stockton personal injury attorney can speed up the resolution of your case. They can walk you through the factors that can impact the timeline of your settlement. These include the following:

The Seriousness of Your Injuries

Serious and complex injuries can take a long time to diagnose and treat. Recovering from these injuries can include several surgical procedures, ongoing therapy, and extensive rehab. Until you reach maximum medical improvement, you won’t be able to determine your injuries’ long-term complications. If you sustain serious injuries and need to wait to reach this stage, getting suitable monetary compensation can take longer than you think. 

Liability Disputes

If the party responsible for causing the injuries you suffered disputes liability, settling your personal injury claim can take longer. This party might argue that they were not negligent or claim you shared fault for the accident. 

To prove the responsibility of the other party and limit your liability, you must collect more evidence and take part in extended negotiations. Such extra steps can significantly prolong the settlement process. 

Huge Possible Settlements

High-stake cases that have substantial amounts of money in play often prompt insurers to comb through each detail. They will find discrepancies or reasons to decrease the amount they need to pay. In some instances, insurance companies might hire experts to counter your claims, pushing the settlement timeline further. 

Several Parties are Involved

If the accident involves several possible liable parties, the situation can get complex. Every party has their accounts of what happened and might deny liability. Your injury attorney must sort out this mess. Determining the degree of responsibility for every party can take time; however, your attorney must do this to seek the maximum compensation you deserve.

Missing Documentation

Each personal injury case depends on evidence. Delays in collecting vital items such as photos, medical records, and eyewitness statements, and where the accident happened can delay the progression of the case. But your lawyer will work to gather all important evidence to develop a strong argument for you. 

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