Starting And Finishing Your Holiday The Stress-Free Way

For many of us, travel is the most stressful part of our holiday. But have you considered the really important part? Getting from your house to the airport can be costly and inconvenient. How do you make sure everything runs smoothly from the outset?

What Are Your Options?

If you live near an airport, you can take public transport; there are many direct links with buses and trains servicing many of the country’s airports. However, this can be inconvenient if you live far away, especially if you’re travelling long-haul with heavy luggage or with over-excited children. Then there is the problem of timing. What if the bus or train drops you earlier or later than you need?

You may also be able to ask a relative or a friend to drop you and pick you up again, but what if it’s late at night or during a working day? If you live far away from the airport, it may not be convenient. If you live in a major city like London, there is the traffic to think about too.

Park and ride is another consideration, but you’ll need deep pockets to leave your car at one of Britain’s airports. Charges for a week’s parking at Gatwick Airport, for example, averages out at more than  100. In addition, there’s the walk from the car to the terminal plus the hassle of finding your car again amongst thousands of others. If you’re on a late flight and jetlagged, driving is not the most sensible course of action.

What’s the Alternative?

There is a simple, cost effective way of making sure your holiday isn’t ruined to begin with or ends on a sour note. If you’re flying from Gatwick, taking a pre-booked taxi from your home to the airport is often the cheapest and most convenient option for a number of reasons.

Firstly, you can book a reliable Gatwick taxi service online at the same time as you book your holiday. This way, you know that there’s one less thing to worry about when the big day comes around.
Secondly, there’s the reassurance that the Gatwick taxi you’ve pre-booked will be able to accommodate all your passengers and their luggage. You can specify what size vehicle you need when you book. You can also request baby seats/boosters if you’re travelling with children.

When punctuality is important, you need to know that whatever time of day or night, you will get to and from the airport without time pressure. Find out if your Gatwick taxi will wait for you should your flight be delayed and ask about a greeting service to avoid being overlooked in the crowded arrivals lounge.
Finally, remember that Gatwick is a modern international airport with flights from many destinations. It may be more cost effective for four or more adults to take a reliable Gatwick taxi service to your home, wherever it is in the UK, than to take on another on-going flight to another airport.

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