Nicki Minaj Fans Chant ‘Cardi B’ After She Cancels Concert

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Nicki Minaj canceled a concert in Bordeaux, France, just hours before its scheduled start on Saturday, prompting some fans to angrily chant, “Cardi B, Cardi B!” USA Today reported.

The rapper explained on Instagram that Arkea Arena did not have the electrical power to support her show, and that she was informed of that just hours before it was to kick off. The “No Frauds” performer emphasized it was not in her best interest to lose money and aggravate her fans.

But the announcement at the venue didn’t go over well. Concertgoers repeated the name of her rival, the Grammy-winning hiphop star Cardi B, before exiting, TMZ noted. A few Twitter clips captured the backlash.

Arkea Arena wrote in a tweet that Minaj refused to follow French regulations regarding electrical safety and chose to cancel. (Minaj also canceled a Feb. 22 gig in Bratislava, Slovakia, for technical reasons.)

USA Today reported that Minaj and boyfriend Kenneth Petty visited a carnival instead. One fan wrote in French on Minaj’s Instagram clip of their date that it wasn’t necessary to pay a lot of money to see Minaj at the concert ― all you had to do was go to the fair.

Nicki Minaj and Cardi B had a blowout at a fashion show party in 2018 and appeared to later call a truce of sorts. But Minaj still doesn’t appreciate Cardi B references.

When BET tweeted last month that Cardi B’s Grammy victory had Nicki Minaj “being dragged by her lacefront,” Minaj dropped out of BET’s June music festival.

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