Home Remedies To Remove Dental Plaques

Dental plaques and tartar are harmful formations in the teeth that contribute to tooth loss and gum disease when they are not removed immediately. Visiting your dentist every 6 months makes sure that dental plaques and tartars are removed properly using preventive dental treatments.

Plaques are soft and sticky film of bacteria that stay and accumulate in the teeth, gums and tongue. Plaques are the main cause of tooth decay and gum disease. Tartar on the other hand is a calcified material, usually white or chalky in appearance that stays on the surface of the teeth. Tartar is mainly a cosmetic problem because it tends to disrupt the normal appearance of the tooth.

Although tartar is generally removed using dental treatments, plaques can be removed using home remedies. Nevertheless, it is still wise to visit the dentist twice a year to have professional cleaning of the mouth.

In order to keep your mouth healthy and clean, here are the natural remedies that can be done to remove dental plaques:

Brushing the teeth more than three times a day may still be ineffective in removing dental plaques if you practice wrong brushing techniques. The quality of brushing is more essential than the quantity or frequency of brushing. Make sure to brush the teeth on all surfaces paying particular attention on the chewing and biting surfaces of the teeth.

  • Use toothpastes with fluoride

Not all toothpastes are accepted by dental associations. Make sure to have toothpaste with the seal of dental associations or have been reviewed by dentists. Fluoride strengthens the teeth by remineralizing them as the fluoride mixes with saliva.

  • Floss

Flossing is the best remedy to remove food particles and clean in between the teeth. Floss the teeth every after meals to ensure that no food debris is left and prevent development of tartar and plaques.

  • Always wet your mouth

Saliva is a natural mouth cleanser that prevents build-up of bacteria and dental plaques. Saliva is naturally basic that neutralizes the acids in the mouth responsible for tooth decay. In addition, saliva also kills oral bacteria that proliferate in the mouth. If you have been suffering from dry mouth recently because of certain medications or conditions, you may try sugarless gum or candies to stimulate production of saliva. Also, you can increase your fluid intake or take frequent sips of water to make your mouth moist.

  • Salt

Salt is another natural remedy to remove dental plaques. Dissolve one teaspoon of salt in a glass of lukewarm water. Use the solution to rinse the mouth after brushing. Salt water mixture relives canker sores, bleeding gums as well as removes dental plaques. Salt water used for rinsing the mouth is just as effective as or even more effective than commercial mouth rinses.

  • Vinegar

Vinegar mixed in water used as a mouth rinse is also effective in removing dental plaques. Vinegar has acetic acid content that effectively reduces the amount of bacteria in the mouth.

  • Sesame oil

Sesame oil can also be used as a natural mouth rinse to prevent gum disease and dental plaques. Get a spoonful of sesame oil and use it to rinse the mouth twice a day.

Along with these natural remedies, it is still best to visit your dentist to help mange other dental conditions.

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