Great Apps For Your Trip To Asia

Travelling is fun, and people like going to exotic places for business or pleasure. However, even the best-planned trips can become marred if you are not adequately prepared for surprises. Today, smartphone applications have made it possible for travelers to prepare for a trip and deal with surprises along the way. Here are some of the applications that you will appreciate as you travel to Asia.

Converter Plus

You need to buy something, and the shop keeper is asking you for hard currency. He does not have a converter, and if he does, it is possibly inflated. This handy tool will give you the latest exchange rates, thereby allowing you to pay the shopkeeper a fair amount. It updates its data in real-time when connected to the Internet.


iLink Bangkok, Singapore Transit and MTR mobile are some of the maps that you should have when you are travelling to Asian countries. Alternatively, you can use Google Maps, which has much wider coverage. These maps will help you with public transit challenges, helping you move around like a local!

Location-Based Travel Apps

If you are looking for more detailed information, you can get free location-based travel maps. All you have to do is type in the location, and you will get a number of free applications that give you details about the place.


The language barrier can prove to be challenging when you are in a foreign country. It is a nightmare when you are trying to tell a vendor that you want fish, and he keeps on trying to sell you frogs! This communication barrier can now be eliminated, thanks to iTranslate. This application translates over 20 languages. All you have to do is select the language, and everything that the vendor says is translated to you in English. When you speak English, the app translates it into the local language. The vendor will be very impressed, and you may get a handsome discount!

Mosquito Repellent

As with all countries with tropical climates, mosquitoes can be very dangerous to visitors in Asia. The last thing you need on your travels is a bout of malaria. A mosquito repellent is an app which produces a very high pitched sound, which cannot be heard by human beings to keep the mosquitoes away. The application will also be great when you decide to take a walk during the day. You will not be brought racing back to your hotel room by a swarm of tourist-hungry mosquitoes.

Sun Alert Lite

This application is suitable for people who are not used to tropical sunlight. Unlike the sun at home, the tropical sunlight, even at mid-morning, can give you sunburn. This application calculates the intensity of the sunlight and how much time you can safely stay outside uncovered. It will also calculate and recommend what SPF you should wear. It also has a timer, which goes off when you have had enough exposure to the sun, according to its calculations. The application must be connected to the Internet to function well. Going to Asia is an exotic experience, but it can prove to be challenging if you are unprepared. With these apps, your trip will be enjoyable.

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