‘GMA’ Deals and Steals on women-owned brands that give back Video

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Transcript for ‘GMA’ Deals and Steals on women-owned brands that give back

It is women’s history month so today we’re celebrating female run companies that give back in a big way and all of the products are giving you something, 50% off. You’ve Diane it again. Love this one. First up, what I love about this, all these keys had hand stamped. I chose these for you, dream, love, inspire. I couldn’t choose one specifically so giving all three of those to you. What you’ll lr R love more is every one of these is made by people in Los Angeles who are transitioning out of homelessness and when that happens, not only does permanent housing mean a roof over your head but it means the ability to stay sober, to regain custody of children, to live a healthy relationship, a healthy life. That’s what this company does and these words inspire you to sort of live the word. Can I share? Live the word. And pass it on. Live the word. Normally. Here you go. Enjoy. Normally $42 to $48 and start at $21 from the giving keys. They’re so great. Please, everybody, give. It’s a good one. Listen, this company is all abouthe gift of sound and the gift of music. Every one of their products from bluetooth speakers, headphones, ear buds provides hearing AIDS for people who don’t hear, so they not only allow us to hear our music when you’re at the beach or on the go but when you buy, 30,000 people have gotten hearing AIDS because of purchasing listen products. I love this idea. So normally 40 to 180. Everything is cut in hf and exceptional sound. Yes. For you and for someone else. And for someone else. Bella tuna. For every one that you buy a meal is donated to feeding America to feed a hungry child in the United States. So a little plate like this, I’m very busy, I got you this little ducky, there’s like little duckies, so cute, I’m very busy. I got you another one that says you look very pretty. There’s a ton of assortments. Do I have an announcement to Everything from this company is fun and functional, stylish and functional. A great deal for you. Normally 11 to $22, it’s all slashed in half, Bella tunno starts at 5.50. Mothers watching. This is all amazing bath and body products known for their whipped collection. Their body lotion and their body wash. So, look, this lotion dispenses like whipped cream. You need a tiny bit. That dispensing, super fun. Smells fabulous. All of the products are finished and artwork inspired buy people who work at pride and these are people with developmental disabilities who are employed because of companies like mangiacotti who would normally have difficulty finding employment. The scents are amazing made in America, essential oil, normally everything comes in sets. Normally start ago $38 but — $36 but today it’s all slashed in half to 18 to 27 per set. Okay. These are great. Passion planter is all about this is a planter, a journal and a life coach all in one. So these pages allow you to think about the past, where you want to go in the future and how to act today to make that happen. They have given away more than a quarter of a million planners because it’s a buy one give one company so not only can you make your dreams come true but you can help someone else’s dreams come true when you purchase from them. These products range from 19.50 to 30 slashed in half and start at 9.75. Great. And these are the cutest socks. Mismatched pairs because even if we don’t match we can still be friends. Lion and zebra. These are adorable. They’re designed for kids but I’m glad they make them for teens and dulls too because we can certainly use them. Singles and sets, 9 to $22 all slashed in half so 4.50 to $11 for a good message. So I want to share with you all, all these companies as you’ve just heard are amazing. We happen to have pals owner Hannah Lavon here. Hannah’s company does great work all over the world. Want to give you a little peek at what makes pals so special. They may look like your ordinary pair of mismatched colorful socks but these socks tell a bigger story. We try to inspire kids to be friends with someone who is not just like them. Reporter: Hannah started pals in 2015 to make a difference through design. My dream for pals is to create positive social change for the kids that are wearing them. I really want to impact our world in a way and help to end all kinds of things like hate and bullying and just all good vibes. Reporter: Today kids all over are wearing mismatched socks showing that even the trainest pairs can be friends. Kids love our message. Pals makes them a little more friendly, a little bit more, you know, open. Reporter: These socks doing more than keeping your feet warm, the company donating over 10,000 pairs to those in need and teaming up with over a dozen different charities. I hope that as we expand and grow that we can make our fund-raising program even larger and can reach more people. So, Hannah, who is with us, come on over. Everybody, meet Hannah, the owner of pals. So, Hannah. Hi. Hi, nice to meet you. Nice to meet you too. We want to celebrate everything that you and your company have done and give you a little push into the future with the help of vistaprint. Vistaprint helps small businesses be prepared and look professional across all their marketing and check out what they have for you. No pun intended, come on out, it’s a check for $10,000. From vistaprint. We thank you, vistaprint. Wow. Wow. Thank you. Wow. What do you have to say about this little surprise? That is really surprising. That’s super amazing. I’m super happy and grateful because you definitely do a lot of printing and will help spread the love. Just amazing. I’m just very grateful. A lot of spreading with $10,000. We thank you for all you have done and Tory for finding these amazing companies as you know. We’ve partnered with all of the companies on these deal, please go to our website, support the companies and get great products in the meantime, and everyone here in our audience, you guys are the best so Tory is giving you products from mangiacot. Ti, passion planner.

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