Four Things To Consider When Booking A Holiday With Small Children

Going away with little ones for the first time can be very exciting, but you’ll shortly realise that there’s much more organisation to take care compared to when you travel alone or as part of a couple!

Here, we take a look at four things you should consider before booking your holiday, to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

How will you keep them entertained during the journey?

The travelling can be the hardest part of any holiday when you have children. Always consider how you’ll keep them entertained, and take along some toys and books for when they inevitably get a little irritable. If it’s your first time taking little ones away, you might want to stick to journeys that are just a couple of hours. Short breaks in the UK make great toddler friendly holidays.

How will you ensure that you can cook the food they’ll eat?

You might be used to going to restaurants while you’re on holiday, but this isn’t always a viable option when you’re away with children. If you can. Look for menus online for local eateries and assess whether they’re suitable. It’s also a good idea to have cooking facilities available in your accommodation. The freedom to pop out to the local market and pick up some ingredients is something that you’ll definitely appreciate!

Where will you take them for days out?

Kids usually like to be entertained on holiday, so you might have to ditch your plans to lay by the beach or read your book by the pool! Before committing to a destination, do your research. Water and theme parks, zoos, and animal farms are just a few things that might appeal to you. For additional tips on planning a family-friendly holiday, you can check out 100 Baby Tips.

What extras will you need to pack?

An organised approach to packing is essential. You’ll need nappies, personal hygiene products, milk, and more. Make sure that you know exactly what you can carry with you during the journey, and what will need to be checked in if you’re flying. Sit down and write a list, and always remember any luggage allowances that you’ll have to adhere to.

If you give some careful consideration to these key areas, you’ll find that the whole travelling and holiday process needn’t be too stressful when you’re taking children on holiday.

Have you recently started taking little ones away? What tips would you share with other parents in a similar position?

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