Essential Start-Up Office Products And Supplies

It’s a sad fact that many new business start-ups will fail before the end of their first year – research puts this figure at around one in three, which can be a scary statistic for those just starting out.

When starting up an office based business it’s important to make sure that your work place is set up with the essential office products and supplies from the start. This will mean more effective working and a happier, more organised workforce from the very beginning, which can only have good knock on effects for your business.

Give your new office-based business the best possible chance of survival by fully equipping it with the following:

Ergonomic Workspaces

Whether you’re working solo or have a workforce of 100, you want your workspaces to be comfortable, effective and as conducive to efficient working as possible. Consider which shape desk will make the best use of space, and be sure to purchase comfortable manager-style chairs for staff.

Make sure that computers are raised to the optimum height and make sure that each workspace is furnished with storage (under desk pedestals are a good buy) and a waste paper bin. To find out how to improve the ergonomics of your workspace, visit this website:  

A Welcoming Reception Area

Most office based businesses will have to welcome visitors of some description – perhaps clients, suppliers or colleagues – so it’s important to ensure that there is a welcoming reception area in place.

Your purchases will depend on the space you have available to you, but, at the very least a comfortable chair and side table will be required. Trexus do a good range.

Stationery Essentials

A fully stocked stationery cupboard is a must so make sure that you have adequate supplies of consumables such as paper, printer inks, pens and envelopes, as well as other stationery items including scissors, a stapler etc.

A Filing System

In order to be organised from the word go a good filing system is essential. As well as a storage system you will also need the appropriate files/runners.

A Paper Shredder

Security is a big concern in a modern world. Don’t let a security breach set back your business. Be sure to invest in a cross-cut or confetti cut paper shredder and train staff on which documents need to be filed and which need to be shredded.

A White Board

A white board can be a great tool in any office but will be especially useful in a new start-up. Use it to communicate with new staff members, relay targets and achievements, note important dates and more.

While the above list of essential start-up office products and supplies may seem daunting, not being properly equipped will only hurt your business in terms of productivity and efficiency. It is possible however to kit out an office on a budget. Choose an online supplier of office products with low prices such as Office Allsorts, and make sure purchasing your business essentials doesn’t break the bank.

Give your business start-up the best possible chance of survival and try Office Allsorts to kit out your efficient, stylish and comfortable office.

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